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Miracles of Kingman Prison

Hebrews 11:1 reads, Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

         We do not see Abba Father, The Holy Spirit or Christ Yeshua in the flesh, but we see the evidence of their handy work all around us each day. Abba Father placed it on my heart to write this story of the incredible things that I personally witnessed while I was an inmate at Kingman State Prison in Kingman Arizona.

         As I sit here putting the finishing touches on this book, I realize it's not about fame or fortune or myself, and the stories contained within the pages of this book are not meant to be received as being boastful or bragging by myself in anyway. The true purposes for this book is to share with others the evidence of things not seen and in so doing this book will have become a powerful witnessing tool in leading many people to Christ our Lord for the glory God. 

John 5:14 SIN NO MORE 


America The Faithful

Love One Another

The Good Sam

Nothing Proves It


     My name is Chaplain Paul Vescio, I serve Christ Yeshua our Lord as a Christian Volunteer Community Chaplain in an Acute Respiratory Care Center and Rehab in Phoenix Az. I go in and visit and pray three to four times a week with people who suffer dearly each day... My Ministery is called Cheesecakes For Christ for more info please check out my Bio. Please check out my books on the Books Page of this site, they are Fomba The Elephant series, Chaplain America John 3:16, 33 and 53 Christian Seeds For The Soul, The Miracles of Kingman State Prison. And How To Protect Our Families In American Health Care. They are all on Amazon. Please feel free in sending us your prayer requests on the contact page of this website.  Thank You and God Bless You... John 14:27 

JOHN 15:9-17

Make no mistake 1 Christian Holy Spirit filled Chaplain in a LTC facility can cast out 1000 demons and 2 Chaplains can cast out 10000 demons for the glory of God...Amen Psalms 91 Joshua 10:25

JOSHUA 10:25


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My ministery is called Cheesecakes For Christ, I have been doing this for over 25 years now. I make homemade cheesecakes and bring them to hospice, hospitals, care centers, nursing homes, and rehabs. I give them to staff, nurses, and doctors to show appreciation and in so doing hopefully that love will transcend into the quality of care for the patients. Every single dollar of your generous donation will go towards making cheesecakes and in purchasing my books at cost so I can bring some joy to the patients who suffer dearly each day in these facilities.  It's all about sharing the love of Christ. Please make a donation for this precious work. Thank You and God Bless You... John 14:27 

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