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Cheesecakes For Christ

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

I have been doing this ministry for over 25 years now, I make homemade cheesecakes and bring them to hospice, hospitals, care centers, nursing homes, and rehabs. I give them to staff nurses and doctors to show appreciation and in so doing hopefully that love will transcend into the quality of care for the patients. Sharing the word of God and the compassion and love of Christ with others is what Christ Yeshua is teaching us when He said to Peter, " Feed My Lambs."

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Paul Russo
Paul Russo
Dec 10, 2019

Pastor Ken Fox Nutrition and Health Care Words of Wisdom.

God has cures for every disease and illness but He says He doesn't fix stupid! When you get a diagnosis from the doctor it wouldn't hurt to pray and ask God for His diagnosis. He is called The Great Physician. He is the Creator of all wisdom and knowledge and of our bodies and of all the plants. Is there anybody smarter than God? God gave us His Holy Book for us to learn from. The Bible is our manual for living. The first and greatest commandment tells us to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength...Amen I Corinthians 3:17


Paul Russo
Paul Russo
Dec 03, 2019


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